Welcome to Guitar Archive!

P1010505Hello! How nice of you to somehow see this page on the vast ocean of content that is the Internet! I guess this is my introduction to my guitar blog I’m starting as of today.

Who am I? I’m a Dutch guitar enthusiast and music lover of many a genre and style, from pretty obscure to bands even your tone deaf grandmother would know. Several years ago I made one of the best decisions of my life: learning to play an instrument! At age 16 I picked up the bass guitar, little did I know that years later I would be addicted and suffering from the incurable disease know as GAS (Gear Acquiring Syndrome). Not to long ago I also started really getting into playing the guitar after buying my first electric guitar. Although primarily a bass player, I find the history of the electric (bass)guitar, effects pedals and amps in conjunction with its famous (or the not so famous) musicians to be fascinating. I don’t claim to be a specialist or professional, this blog is purely made for people (guitar freaks like myself) to enjoy and share ideas.

What will I be posting here? Having a small collection of mostly vintage basses and guitars, I’ll share some photo’s of my favorites (all of them of course!). Maybe also add some interesting facts behind the model or the specific instrument itself. Not every guitar will be my own (trust me, I’d run out of content real soon…). If I get suggestions from dear readers of this blog I might add these as well.

In the very near future I will be completing some guitar projects from parts laying around the house. I guess this can be interesting to people building their own guitars from parts or giving inspiration for your next guitar project! Anyways, comments, suggestions or discussion is much appreciated. Happy reading! 🙂

(PS: the guitars displayed at the top will be the first to be featured here.)


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