Who am I? I’m a Dutch guitar enthusiast and music lover of many a genre and style, from pretty obscure to bands even your tone deaf grandmother would know. Several years ago I made one of the best decisions of my life: learning to play an instrument! At age 16 I picked up the bass guitar, little did I know that years later I would be addicted and suffering from the incurable disease know as GAS (Gear Acquiring Syndrome). Not to long ago I also started really getting into playing the guitar after buying my first electric guitar. Although primarily a bass player, I find the history of the electric (bass)guitar, effects pedals and amps in conjunction with its famous (or the not so famous) musicians to be fascinating. I don’t claim to be a specialist or professional, this blog is purely made for people (guitar freaks like myself) to enjoy and share ideas.

Anyways, comments, suggestions or discussion is much appreciated. Happy reading! 🙂